Meet the guide at the port and transfer to the village of Gastouri, home to Achillion Palace commissioned by and home to the Empress of Austria Elizabeth I, better known as “Princess Sissy”.

A lover of solitude, she spent a lot of time in the peace and tranquillity of this island, admiring its breathtaking views and crystal clear waters. We will visit the interior of the palace where the furnishings and personal items of the princess still make it magical. From the large terrace we can admire the statue of Achilles dying and the fabulous view of the city.

We will transfer to the peninsula of Kanoni, dominated by an ancient French fortress characterised by the cannons which are still functional today. From its proximity we can immortalise the beauties of the island.

Finally, having reached the town of Corfu, today also known as Kerkyra or Corifo, we will be captured by the charm of the small narrow streets, Byzantine and Venetian buildings, the Liston an arched colonnade lined restaurants and coffee shops, the colours and perfumes which evoke the sea.

Return to the port.

Price p.pax: 27,00 € + 7,00 € Achillion Palace

Duration: 4h

The price is based on full bus occupancy – 48 pax. Extra cost will be charged for smaller groups. Children below 12 years old will have 30% discount.


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