Knossos Palace and relive the myth of Minos, who imprisoned the Minotaur, an ogre with the body of man and the head of a bull, in the labyrinth designed by Daedalus.
Inside the palace, which welcomed the royal family and its followers, the 1000 rooms abound with paintings, frescoes, colonnades and elements of unique decor, all waiting to be admired.

Once arrived in Heraklion, the island’s capital, we will take a short guided tour to find our way among the narrow streets and reach the ancient Venetian port. This is home to the ancient Church of San Tito and the Rocca al Mare defended by two great lions that hark back to the power of the “Serenissma” (the Republic of Venice) in the Mediterranean in 1500.

We will also visit the archaeological museum, which holds precious finds of the excavation work at Knossos, Festos, Archanes, Zakros and many other archaeological sites of the island.
The museum collection is displayed chronologically and gathers millennia of history.

Return to the port.

Price p.pax: 28,00 € + 10,00 € Knossos Palace and Museum

Duration: 4h

The price is based on full bus occupancy – 48 pax. Extra cost will be charged for smaller groups. Children below 12 years old will have 30% discount.


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