Tunis City Tour

Departure from the Port of La Goulette for Tunis, the magnificent European city of Northern Africa, where we can breathe the Arab culture mingled with that of Europe. First stop-off on our tour will be Medina, the ancient city-oasis listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites to be protected, still a well-known tourist destination.

It is an animated maze of streets where the business area of bazaars of souvenirs, spice souks, cotton workers, merchants of fabrics and perfumes, is hidden behind priceless treasures of Islamic architecture.

We will continue our tour towards the Mosque of the Olive Tree, the construction which marks the beginning of the modern age for the city of Tunis.

Our visit ends at the archaeological park of Carthage, an ancient ruin of that which was the capital of the Carthaginian Empire.

Panoramic view thanks to which we can admire the Carthage Cemetery, the Punic Ports and the Spas of Antonino by the sea.

Transfer by coach to the small quaint village of Sidi Bou Said (17km from Tunis), where the landscape reminds us of the atmosphere of the Greek islands, from the architecture of the houses painted in pastel shades to the flowers which spring up from the miniscule gardens wedged between the white-washed walls.

It will be a real pleasure to spend our free time immersed in the peace of this town, before returning to the port.

Price p.pax: 21,00 €

Duration: 4h

The price is based on full bus occupancy – 48 pax. Extra cost will be charged for smaller groups. Children below 12 years old will have 30% discount.


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