We at CES want to help you answer some of the most frequently asked questions and are available to answer any query within 24 hours. To guarantee greater flexibility and help you choose your excursions in your free time, we are available evenings and weekends via e–mail or by telephone from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm.

What personal data do we need to send for the booking?
Simply fill out the “Booking form” in the section on the excursion of choice or send an email to: info@es4c.eu
How do I pay for the excursion?
By credit card, pay-pal or bank transfer. Payment is recorded directly on the site at the time of purchase, but the actual payment will be made following our confirmation. You will be issued a voucher to print and deliver to our assistant on the day of the excursion. Your voucher will contain useful information and contact numbers of our staff-member on site.
When can I book the excursion?
The excursions must be booked within 48 hours of docking at the relevant port but… to guarantee a better service and ensure a place, we recommend you do it sooner! The last minute excursions will be reconfirmed by sms or e-mail.
How can I be part of a group?
Groups can be formed on the forum of the site chatting with other travellers. Here you can exchange opinions, advice and experience. It will be easy to find the ideal partners with whom to spend your unforgettable tour.
Who do I contact for further information on the excursion?
Our Tour Operator is always on hand and within 24 hours will respond clearly and comprehensively to your e-mails or by phone at the Spanish number +34 6 74865970 or at the Italian +39 340 5680211.
How can I find my excursion group and the coach at the port?
One of our assistants will be waiting for you on the pier to accompany you to your coach.

Don’t delay… book with us and sail away…!